Tai Chi and Personal Development

Tai Chi is Martial Art in its origins, a fighting art. Tai Chi also helps a person develop their awareness, their physical stability and strength. This art, in my experience is also a great self-development and coaching tool. Tai Chi helps you to connect to yourself and your own energy. We all know people who take care of their minds and ignore their bodies and vice versa. For such people the mind and the body cannot co-ordinate. Using the movements and principles of Tai Chi can help you be mindful, be present and be with yourself, in mind, body, breath and spirit.

We live in a very fast paced world where even talking to each other is becoming a rare commodity. Practising Tai Chi can help you ground your energy, slow your body, feel your breath and be at one with yourself, know yourself. By simply learning to stand in a certain position and be still and quiet for a few minutes, can help you gain strength, better health, clarity of mind, awareness, better balance and a sense of being ‘empty’ and able to receive goodness.

The movements of Tai Chi help you focus your mind, body and breath, right here and now, to realise how the end of one movement becomes the beginning of another, to settle in one place before moving to the next. These insights can help in every day life, to show you how to flow with life and the inevitable changes that we all experience and to know that energy is always moving, transient. In Chinese philosophy, it is said that it is not good to become attached to any one thing or any one emotion and that it is just as problematic to be too happy is it can be to be too sad. Tai Chi embraces this philosophy and encourages you to learn how things ‘float up and sink down’, they rise and then they fall again. Much like our own emotions, it is helpful to see them as moveable, this way we cannot dwell in one place longer than is good for us to do so. This in itself can help a person who experiences great depression and anxiety, for their energy begins to flow better, thus giving way to a better mood, clearer thinking and nicer feeling.

In Tai Chi you can learn how to master your own emotions, allow yourself to follow your own energy, your individual path. Using this wonderful art form you can learn the following: how to deal with conflicts in more positive ways, to create greater balance in all you do and in every area of your life. Build more confidence in yourself and how to stand in your own energy and stand strong. As the saying goes:’ Stand like a Tree and flow like the mighty river’. You’ll learn how soft always wins over hard. Just observing water, how soft and fluid it is and how it can wipe out a country in minutes. You’ll learn how to read another person’s energy and sense what is going on within you and around you.

Tai Chi has taught me many things, those mentioned above and much more. One of the main ingredients in my personal Tai Chi Recipe has to be, feeling more grounded and rounded. Better able to live in my own skin and read my own energy and follow it. With this one great gift alone, I have managed to turn my life around and be with myself, no matter what is going on within me and around me. I can deal with the darker times of life with ease and grace and be real and authentic. This is a precious gift to me and one of many that you can learn too.

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