About Lou

As a long practicing Tai Chi and Qigong instructor, I know many of the challenges you face when living in a world where it is considered unacceptable to show signs of vulnerability, weakness and/or an inability to cope with every day activities, even when there is just cause and good reason.

Whether it’s a physical or emotional condition, the modern world can often seem a very unsympathetic place.

As a dedicated teacher and a natural healer, I love helping people and teaching them ways in which they can help themselves.  I believe that anything is possible, no matter what your background and how things have been for you before. From today, everything can change and become better.

From a personal perspective, I have found Tai Chi to be an immense resource that has helped me continuously along my way, and it is something I can practice whenever I want, wherever I am, and no matter how I’m feeling. For me, it has improved my balance, flexibility and focus, and makes me better able to handle challenges and conflicting situations. Additionally, my joint problems have minimised and I am better able to relax and calm down.

Working with one’s body is a fabulous gift, as the body never lies and it can tell us so much about what is going on in our lives. Your body will always tell you when something is right or not, when something is bothering you and when something needs attention. By working with your body you can become your own healer, your own teacher and therefore become more self reliant and confident.

Everything we need we have inside of us, and by working with our own energy we can begin to heal, be it the body, the mind, the spirit and the breath.

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